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DRAKE Logistics

Serving the Southeastern United States

What is Drake?

Drake is a privately owned and operated business with a construction background and know how important it is to have reliable forms of shipping. 

Our mission is to help companies run their businesses effectively by ensuring their shipments are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Whether you have something as small as an envelope or as heavy as 16,000 pounds, we are here to fulfill your needs!

A Fully Integrated Transportation/Courier Company

Whether you need manufacturing supplies, retail items, or even a box of shoes, DRAKE can have it delivered to you with efficiency and care!

Here's What Drake Has to Offer:

  • Top-level Drivers that are trained, reliable, and ready to serve

  • Multi-Vehicle Fleet ranging from vans to box trucks to flat bed trailers

  • Can carry up to 16,000 pounds of product in a time-sensitive manner